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One of the most striking things about living through the past six months is the collective realisation that connecting with nature and our local environment has become one of our most prized assets.

A National Trust survey revealed that a third of adults in the UK say that they have become more interested in nature since the Covid-19 lockdown began.

More than two thirds of those who took the survey said that spending time noticing nature and connecting with nature has made them feel happy, and more than half say they plan to make a habit of spending time in nature ‘when things go back to normal’.

Just over one fifth said they had experienced more sunrises or sunsets this year compared to last.

Cornish sunset - Connecting with nature

As well as all the obvious benefits coming from deepening our connection with nature, the lockdown has also nurtured a greater level of sustainability in people’s lifestyles.

Mounting evidence shows that everyday connections with nature has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. The fact that people are recognising how nature has helped them during the crisis is a good thing for people, nature and the environment.

Lockdown has emphasised that our ability to get outdoors and into nature does affect our mental and physical health.

Oak Framed Extension surrounded by nature

Knowing how good connecting with nature can make us feel has meant that that more people are coming to Living Oak.  We are finding that people are exploring ways, using oak framed buildings to carry on appreciating being immersed in nature through their living environment and make a positive difference to their lives.

There are great physical and mental health benefits to be gained by engaging with nature. Taking the time to connect with and appreciate our natural environment can have a hugely positive effect on our overall well-being.

If the saying is true that it takes just 21 days to make something a habit, we are confident that a lot of people will come out of this extraordinary time in our history with a higher level of mindfulness and appreciation for what natural gifts we have on our doorstep, and how a resourceful spirit can help us to live more sustainable lives.